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Obsolescence online

Yes, many companies are still surprised that the Internet technology changes so quickly, that what three years ago was the new trend and the latest fashion and now not only turns out to be outdated, but also functionally obsolete. The term “obsolescence” is an inherent attribute in the internautical products (websites, applications, social networks, etc.).

In our evolutionary path towards integration of internautical products as an essential part of the company, and we have all assumed that our company must have a website that represents the company or products on the Internet. We understand that if we want to support our sales force, it is essential to be present on the Internet. However, there are still many levels of internet presence that coexist on the network. For some it is enough to have a web-catalogue that only shows the product and that talk unilaterally about the company. Some unfolds better in the internautical medium and dares to have a 2.0 website, that is to say, that interacts online with the user-customer. Some bases its sales force in commercial visits “door to door” leaving business cards, catalogues and calling from time to time by monitoring the potential client, and there are those who also maintains direct and constant communication with the customer (caught and not caught) by blog posting, proposing online events, allowing users to post their opinions, solving reviews and complaints in real time and in front of “everyone”. But Web 2.0 is a subject that deserves a monograph chapter and we’ll talk about it later. Let’s start with the base.

“My brother-in-law is a programmer”

Unfortunately, there are still many, many companies that do not pay attention to the interrelation PRODUCT QUALITY/SERVICE vs IMAGE IN INTERNET. There are still companies that offer luxury products or services, say a 4 or 5 stars hotel, which have very clear that the restaurant should be leaded by a professional chef, that the decoration is worth a major investment, and that the reception should be headed by professionals who speak at least 3 languages. But instead, they leave the web in the hands of “programmers friends,” “nephews who know a lot about the internet” or they just use a “free template to make yourself a website in three easy steps.”

It is still unclear for most companies that the image we offer on the internet is really a determining factor when a net user who wants to make a rural getaway choose our hotel and make a reservation from their mobile. A determining factor in binary sense: they choose us or discard us. Either we have earned a new customer (with all that it entails: to repeat in the future, to be recommended, etc.), either we have lost a potential customer. It is a decision that is taken in a fairly short period, and it is taken based on the image that the establishment has on the Internet. So, let’s get used to the idea that it is worth putting the web into the hands of a professional web designer-developer. And not only that, lets do the exercise to assume that investment in internet image should be a regular item in the annual budget of a company. Unfortunately, a website that is already 3 years old is now entirely obsolete. And the web that we have updated in 2014, possibly 2017 will be obsolete. It is an investment that must be amortized over a maximum of two or three years, but we also must have into account how profitable it can be to have a well-made, well-positioned, well-designed and attractive website, such as the excellent service or high quality products that many companies offer to their clients.

Here is how a 5 stars product is worth a 5 stars website

This is an example of an Italian company, producer of dried plums, with high self-esteem.


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