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What is COPYWRITING and what it has to do with SALES?

What is COPYWRITING and what it has to do with SALES?


The “original” definition of Copywriting is: to present words in order to communicate optimally a marketing concept, on media such as websites, emails, ads, letters, television, radio, press releases, brochures, leaflets, flyers and other means of communication.

This definition can be extended by mentioning the ultimate goal of “copywriting” which is:

  • persuade a reader to act
  • persuade an interlocutor to buy a product or service
  • induce a visitor to ask for more information
  • persuade users to subscribe to a mailing list or download a document
  • persuade others to adopt a certain point of view or position against a certain point of view

Copywriting is the essential element of Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations and Marketing. Surely you’re not graduate/a nor licensed/a in any of these disciplines but you’ve written stuff for the sales pages of your business, you have made yourself the texts of the web, you do emails for your prospects… These are things we do with more or less skill.

Copywriting applies to everything, everything, everything we write for our company. From Sokvist we give you some tips on Web Copywriting (texts for your website, blog and Landing pages).

Some basic guidelines on WEB COPYWRITING

How to make readers stay:

  • Avoid heavy texts. The sections with many words and few white spaces are visually demotivating. Cut the heavy texts into smaller sections.
  • The introduction of the message should be a short phrase: one or maximum two lines.
  • Make short paragraphs, 3 lines at most.
  • Use questions that directly gets the reader’s attention, such as “Have you had this problem?” Or “What if you try this?”
  • Introduce the text so that the reader can scan and get the message. This is achieved by using subtitles, underlined words, words in bold, italics. The “smart” use of hyperlinks also helps emphasizing texts.
  • Use hyperlinks carefully. On the one hand they can cause leaks readers away from sales page. On the other hand, if the hyperlinks link to the store or a second sales page, it can lead to higher sales.
  • Using ordered lists or unordered lists is another way to liven up the presentation of a text, add more white space and highlight important information.
  • Using a “summing up” section is an effective way to summarize the most important parts of a message, as readers who scan the text most likely read the final sum up (it is a good place to include a hyperlink to the store or final destination page).

The texts really make the difference between a visitor will connect or not with your brand. The way to address to our audience has changed a lot in recent years.

If your web texts are centuries old… worth that you update them. With the Copywriting Course LEARN TO WRITE EFFECTIVE TEXTS IN YOUR WEB you will discover that you have written many things on your website that put off your visitors. The texts really can increase your sales. Take advantage of this tool!


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