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Improve your visibility on the internet

Improve your visibility on the internet

If you have a website it is because you want to be seen. It means that you have a project, personal or professional, and you want the public to know you, follow you, read you, buy your product, hire your services, etc.

But having a website is not enough to be seen. At the time of writing this post there are in the world 1,138,385,841 sites, and counting. So then, you have to do things to be visible. In Sokvist we believe that there are two basic and essential actions that you should do before starting the online marketing plan that will improve your visibility: to audit your website and, depending on the results, to optimize it.

In this post we will talk about the Web Audit, what we analyse and what it serves for.

Web audit

As well as it is not enough that a car is beautiful, and we want it to be reliable, safe, powerful, durable and low-consuming, you do not have to settle for a beautiful website. A nice but slow site will always be less satisfying to use than a fast one, even if it is not so elegant. It takes a user just 3 seconds to decide abandoning a site.

In an audit what we do is analyse a series of technical aspects of your website that mainly affect SEO and user experience, especially related to page speed.

That is, we value if your web has everything needed for search engines (Google mainly) to see and understand the content of your website, and for the user who visits it to have the most pleasant experience possible so he/she will stay and come back .

Once the audit is done we will give you a report with the score obtained, the detail of the analyses issues, the errors found and suggestions to correct them.

These are, broadly, the sections that we value in the audit:

Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is optimizing a website to make it as visible as possible to search engines. What we basically do is to check how your web “looks” from the point of view of a robot.


We analyse the page speed load of your website. Fast pages have more visits, better conversion rate and more sales compared to slow pages. Check out this post to see how page speed matters on a website.


For some time now the number of mobile users has surpassed that of desktop users. That is why it is important your site is mobile-optimized, that it is easily usable from a small and tactile screen, that it has the appropriate font size, etc. And again, that is has a good page load speed. Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.


In this section we verify that your website is well configured so you can easily share content on social networks and, at the same time, you attract public from social networks.

Mobile web optimization - Sokvist.com

Do you want to know what visitors experience when visiting you site? Want to know how Google and Bing robots see it? Do you want to know how your site is performing?

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