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Define a marketing plan for your new web

Define a marketing plan for your new web

Having long experience working directly with business or a professional that needs a web, we have learned what the most conflicting points are during the process, where some misunderstandings come together, and in which areas most of the clients are more disoriented.

The misunderstandings between client and designer, designer and programmer, programmer and client … cause wear, delays, and the feeling of being living a bad experience on the part of all those involved. Often this can be avoided if the project is well planned from the outset.

We have created this Web Plan so that you take into account all the aspects that will emerge during the process of design and development of the new web. If you have clear all the sections of this Plan, the renewal of the web will be easy and smooth, communication between the parties involved will be simpler and each one will have clear expectations. In addition you will avoid surprises in the calculation of the costs. From the beginning, you can request quotes that fit exactly what you are looking for.

Download the WEB PLAN here to prevent headaches. If there are terms that you want to clarify and deepen, do not hesitate to contact us, without compromise. We advise you for free, seriously.

Contents of the guide

  1. Auditing your situation online
  2. Set the goals of your new website
  3. Identify your target audience
  4. Make a list of keywords
  5. Products & Services
  6. Sections or blocks of information
  7. The message of each section/tab
  8. Preferences
  9. Timing
  10. Budget

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